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The Rules OOC and IC Possible2b


 The Rules OOC and IC

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The Rules OOC and IC Empty
PostSubject: The Rules OOC and IC   The Rules OOC and IC I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 2:37 pm


Nice and simply put, first of all, don't make an ass out of yourself.

Get Educated: Before creating a character, be sure to read over the lands and the species. The more of the site you know, the more you can immerse your character into the plot. A home country, a clan if they are meant for that Etc. If your character is to know magic, be sure to look over the board for that too.

GodModing: Godmoding is when a player takes control of another person's character without his/her explicit permission. The right of your character to hit another character reaches only as far as the owner of the other character allows. You can throw a punch, but you cannot say that it hit unless the owner says it's fine. Permission can be granted through PM or through the chatbox.

Godmoding also applies to a character who knows more than he or she is supposed to. A peasant from the Republic of Luxur will not know the full administrative system of the Ancore Imperium, for example. Use common sense, or you will be warned.

If Godmoding occurs, you will be asked to edit your post. Excessive amounts will result in Admin or Moderator intervention.

Character: Your character will need to be approved before Rping can begin. The correct Character App will be placed within the Character Application board. Please fill out the application with the most thought and creativity you can, while still remaining within the parameters of the site. If the Character is too powerful, you may be asked to edit before being accepted. Only an Admin or a Moderator can accept your character.

Note that you can have multiple characters on one account. More than one account per player will not be allowed.

OOC: All OOC conversations should be marked with (OOC: ...) Any OOC arguments should be talked out in OOC rather than between your characters. If serious problems between members occur, please send a message to an Admin or Moderator immediately. OOC fighting will not be tolerated. This is a place to have fun!

Word Count: We don't have an enforced minimum word count. That said, don't write two sentences and expect a happy RP partner. 9-10 sentences is a good guideline for a minimum requirement. While it's not strictly enforced, it's appreciated.

Other: if anything happens that the rules don't explicitly have a rule for, ask an Admin in the Chatbox. They will clear up any queries.
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The Rules OOC and IC
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