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PostSubject: Az Mourn   Az Mourn I_icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2012 9:09 pm

``Name;; Azreal Mourn
``Nicknames;; Az
``Age;; 50
``Gender;; Male
``Species;; Human Vampire
``Magic? (Y/N);; N
``Home Country;; The Cremea Woodlands
``Sexual Orientation;; Straight


``What does the Character look like?;;


``Likes;; Az enjoys nature you will find him in the forest walking among the trees more often then in his manor.

``Dislikes;; Senseless killing. Az feels that to kill at random and for no reason at all is wrong.

``Strengths;; Azreal is skilled with most blades. He can figure them out quickly enough. He enjoys a throwing dagger to a rapier but can use both.

``Weaknessess;; He can care to much what others think of him.

``Fears;; Az fears becoming like his father.


``Personality;; What are they like?

He was born Azreal Mourn, which quickly became Az, to Catherine Lafayette and Nym Mourn. For the first ten years of his life his mother and him lived in a country called Kalmindon. His mother ran a tavern there and they seemed to be happy. His mother had told him stories about his father and the man seemed downright cruel. Az was glad he never met the man who was his father.

Kalmindon was destroyed when a war broke out and a demon leveled the land. Az and his mother escaped and she sent him to live in another land to keep him safe.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;

Az Mourn Insert the URL to a pic of your character if you want to here
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Az Mourn
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