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Aeternus is a medieval RP forum with an in depth and complex fantasy setting.
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World of Darkholm//Classical Gothic Fantasy Possible2b


 World of Darkholm//Classical Gothic Fantasy

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F. Faust

World of Darkholm//Classical Gothic Fantasy Empty
PostSubject: World of Darkholm//Classical Gothic Fantasy   World of Darkholm//Classical Gothic Fantasy I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 8:19 pm

  • An original setting and world
  • Magic!
  • Dark, unhappy landscape littered with creative enviornments
  • Unique races to choose from, including Lycanthropes, Sorcerers, Paladins, and Vampyres
  • Patient, supportive (and sometimes silly!) staff
  • No word counts
  • Customizable app; short, or long, whichever you prefer
  • A mature Roleplaying group and rating
  • Classical themes
  • Constantly expanding roster of Beasts and monsters from classical and modern literature, horror fiction, films, fantasy, and mythology to slay and vanquish from trolls, goblins, imps, spirits, ghosts and more
  • Choose from personal plots, or joining board-wide events and stories
  • A site that stresses authentic character development, and collaborative storytelling
  • We are literate without being bossy about it
(Coming Soon... :wink: ) (We are not officially open, but we are accepting members during our revamp in order to gain a foundation for our opening day)
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World of Darkholm//Classical Gothic Fantasy
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