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PostSubject: MOONLIGHT SECRETS   MOONLIGHT SECRETS I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 2:40 am


The world is falling apart - the connections have been torn; the Forces are gone, ripped from their homes in the Zodiac constellations. The Elements are no longer kept in order, the ground surges upward and cracks before collapsing, the water floods and swallows and spits out little but rubble, volcanoes spew forth infernos, and hurricanes sweep away lives. Stars fly in the sky. The Sun grows dark. Xanaconia is on the verge of collapse.
King Thorium began to regret ordering the execution of the former monarch Maxim; if he had known that the cast spell would bring about this much disorder, he would have at least kept him alive long enough to uncover the secret of his Magic - how, as he had claimed, he was able to alter the laws of this universe and destroy the scales of balance, and where the True Elements had been hidden.

But Maxim was killed almost as soon as he started boasting about his “success” and demanding the crown as a ransom for the Zodiac Elements. He had hoped to claim the crown to restore Xanaconia back to its original power long before King Thorium had begun his leadership and began to degrade the citizens of Xanaconia, and though before his death sentence there were attempts to extract knowledge they were all in vain. Henceforth, no one knew anything about the plan, or the location of the Forces, causing the chaos to continue on, increasing in magnitude till the Death rate far outnumbered the Birth.

The civilians of Xanaconia began to flee, blaming King Thorium for everything that was happening, for they knew if he had ruled better Maxim would never had taken the True Zodiac Elements. The civilians of Xanaconia fled to whatever planets that they could live on - some to Earth, some to a far off galaxy that we may never know about.

Finally King Thorium’s knights discovered a lengthy, elaborately concealed diary during the excavation of Maxim's home, though it had taken quite a number of years to do so. Within its pages was written information regarding the Elemental Forces of the Zodiac, and though nothing regarding the instructions for the casting of the actual spell was recorded, there was enough information to be able to find and retrieve the Zodiac Vessels, and through a special ritual they would be able to restore the Forces to their proper places.

It was decided. Thorium himself, along with his top four commanders and their subjects, will travel to and find the twelve people within whom are embedded the True Elements, and they will follow the written coordinates till they reach... Earth...


With Galaxia defeated three years ago, the Senshi have all been able to enjoy their lives and focus on their dreams these past three years. There hasn’t been a day where they’ve needed to transform into the Sailor Senshi. Although, rumor is that Venus still does from time to time just to show up the local cops when it comes to the more common crimes.

But now the Inner Senshi are headed to college, wedding plans in the works for Moon and Tuxedo Mask with not a worry in the world… that was, until a new evil showed up and a girl claiming to be Zodiac Warrior Aries soon followed, it seems that once again the girls will need to suit up, if they decide to help out this new magical warrior on the scene.

Will the Senshi team up with the Zodiac Warriors? Will Aries be able to awaken the rest of the Zodiacs before it’s too late? Will the Earth be saved from this new evil? Only time will tell.
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