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Aeternus is a medieval RP forum with an in depth and complex fantasy setting.
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AERTH - mature medieval fantasy [LB] Possible2b


 AERTH - mature medieval fantasy [LB]

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PostSubject: AERTH - mature medieval fantasy [LB]   AERTH - mature medieval fantasy [LB] I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2012 7:22 pm

AERTH - mature medieval fantasy [LB] HSb04

Canon List

✓ No Word Count
✓ Self Hosted
✓ Character plots encouraged
✓ Elves, Humans and Dragons
✓ Open to ideas on new species
✓ Mature Content Allowed

Welcome to Aerth, a original medieval fantasy play by post rp forum. Aerth was created with the aim of having a rp forum in which the members and the characters can help shape the realm. With elves, dragons, humans, and magic, not to mention the political battles and threats of war that plague the kingdoms of man, step into a free form roleplay, where you can create your own story along side an original fantasy backdrop.

Over a thousand years ago the Battle of the Fade began. The Kingdom of Eldrayan sought to control the Fade, bringing across the Wolves of Albion that lay behind it, creating vast militant forces to to use at their will. They began their war against the south lands and the north, gaining an alliance from the Elves of the Globe, the war raged on for years. The overuse of The Fade devastated the northern continents of Aerth, bringing forth the desert wastelands from the far south to their doorstep, and the frozen ice from the far north. The vast magics of the Fade cut off the North from the rest of the globe, swallowing whole cities of people until finally it was pushed into dormancy by The Elves at a great cost. The Elves of the North betrayed Eldrayan, but not only that, they sacrificed many in closing the Fade and pushing it to sleep.

Over the centuries all have but forgotten about the Wolves of Albion and the wonders beyond the Fade, many facts now becoming nothing more than fables and myths. But the curiosity of man is not something that can be controlled.

Who will gain control of the Fade first? Is peace an option for any of the realms? Can an alliance be made through marriage? Trade? And what of the strange tribes of the South Sands, who trade in new, exotic items? But more importantly, are the sightings of the Wolves of Albion true? Have they returned?

Be it high fantasy or political drama, step into Aerth and help shape its future.
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AERTH - mature medieval fantasy [LB]
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