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PostSubject: Willow Heart   Willow Heart I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2012 5:46 am

``Name;; Willow Heart
``Nicknames;; Will
``Age;; Looks 20 but is really 25
``Gender;; Female but makes herself look like a male
``Species;; Vampire
``Magic? (Y/N);; None
``Home Country;; Tai Nagasaki
``Sexual Orientation;; Straight, but since she looks like a guy in front of others, she could also be seen as gay.


``What does the Character look like?;;

Willow is a skinny girl who stands at 5 feet 6 inches. Her skin tone is fair, which makes her light blue eyes stand out. Though maybe the deep red hair that she was born with is also helping her big bright eyes and pale skin stand out. The girl is rather...well she has a small chest. Unlike her mother, she was not that well endowed. However, she uses this to advantage. With the lack of a chest she can easily pull off being a guy. When she blushes, her whole face is lit up with the crimson color, only making her that cuter. When she has her hood up, or when she is alone, Willow lets her long red hair, which reaches just past the middle of her back, down freely. However when she is in a town or around company, she has her hair stuffed under a leather cap, leaving only her bangs show. Willow isn't the type of girl to wear dresses or skirts, after all...a guy doesn't do this! She is always seen wearing long sleeved shirts with hoods on them, comfortable traveling pants, a cloak, and traveling boots. On her belly is a brand. It is a circle with three letters within the circle: HBD.


``Likes;; The rain, fire light, night, water, wolves, having a good time

``Dislikes;; Drinking, blood, drunks rude people, people using others for personal gain, and fighting

``Strengths;; Using daggers and acting

``Weaknesses;; People in trouble, cute things, and people asking for help, and a challenge

``Fears;; Being caught by Marcus again

``Secrets;; Willow is actually a girl.

``Personality;; What are they like?

Willow is a very caring person. In fact that is one of her downfalls. If someone asks for help or if they seem to be in trouble, the red haired girl will 9 times out of 10 go and help them. The only time she wouldn't if it meant one of two things: She is found out to really be a girl or Marcus was close by. To say the least, the vampire is scared to death of being found by her sire. The reason she has been acting as a boy is to try and stay hidden from the man for the rest of her life. But besides that, she is a typical girl. She sighs when there is a cute boy that walks by her/in her field of vision, she likes cute things and being cute (even if she can't do that in public), and most of all she dreams of mister right. The man of her dreams that will sweep her off her feet and fix everything.

The girl hates to fight. If there was a choice between peacefully settling things, or even avoiding an argument all together, vs. fighting a person, she will pick the former. That doesn't mean she can't fight. If you put her in a position that forces her hand, she will hold nothing back. Willow also has this problem when it comes to people getting hurt vs. herself. If someone is dying, sick, bleeding, or over all not in perfect health, she will start to worry about that person. But when it comes to herself, she thinks nothing of it. Willow would put herself in front of a blade and take the hit if it meant that the other person wouldn't get hurt.

The girl is very optimistic. So much so that it gets on people's nerves. But on the inside she is very lonely and scared. Sometimes she just can't see the way out of things and only acts brave, even when she wants to give up. On that note, she never cries in front of a person. And if she is seen crying before someone, she quickly covers it up.


Willow was born to two loving parents in Tai Nagasaki. She wasn't born into wealth, nor was she born into slavery. She was just in a simple common family managing to scrape by even when things seemed tough. But there was nothing that could have prepared her for the life she had to face. At the age of nine, her more got ill and died that winter. The toll was heavy on her father. In stead of facing this problem, he stayed in taverns and bars late into the night. When he was overly trashed, he would sometime confuse Willow for her mother.

The years had passed and Willow had reached the age of sixteen. Her father had become blind and had come down with the same sickness that had taken her mother from them. However, that wasn't the worst thing that had happened. It was when a man from a different place had visited the market place while Willow was there where this story dips into the twisted. He had asked her to come with him, to leave this place. In exchange he would save her father. Willow didn't believe this and quickly left with the goods she had bought. However this man named Marcus Wright wasn't going to take no as an answer. A week had passed and when she had ventured to the market again, she was kidnapped and dragged away from her wonderful life.

She, just like all the other boys and girls, were branded with the same brand: A circle with the letters HBD within the circle. Shipped and handled as if she was just a thing, Willow had passed every test that they had sent her and when she had met Marcus face to face again, he told her that he could end this if she asked him to. He began to tell her that she was in the middle of a group of vampires and the people that were being branded were marked for feeding. All she had to do was to say the magic words and she would be freed. However, for that to happen she would be sired and turned into a vampire as well.

This lasted for two years. Marcus would throw her a challenge to get out of, and she would do it. It was a cat an mouse game. Sadly, Willow had failed it and nearly died. She couldn't move because she was so badly injured. And truthfully all she wanted to do was to die. She was done with this life and wanted nothing more than to see her family again. But fate wouldn't have it that way. Without her consent, she had been sired by Marcus. This had made the red haired girl very depressed. The first few months she had tired to kill herself. She had braved the sun and even went days without feeding. But every time she was close to dying, something would happen and she would be saved. And at one point, Marcus had locked the girl up in a small room for days, force feeding her blood when she needed to feed. Even after she was pulled out of that room, the horrors of Marcus didn't end. She was forced to kill people, she was beaten like a dog, and so many other horrible things that she had down and were done to her.

She had enough. At the age of twenty, Willow managed to flee. She didn't know how she did it, or even remember how it happen. All she did know was that if she was going to live, she was never going to let Marcus get her again. To do this, she had to start getting smarter and acting like someone she wasn't: She was going to start acting like a boy. The first year went off without any problems. She had cut her hair and gathered clothes that would help her hide her true gender. Sometimes the people would figure it out, and she would flee that area too. Sadly, Things did not quiet down. Rewards were put of for her capture which had made her flee further away from the on coming Marcus. Wherever he was, she had just left of was leaving.

Though it had been five full years since she had started this habit of dressing up as a boy and dodging Marcus, one day she hopes that she will actually be able to dress like a real girl and take part in actual girl activates without people giving her a weird look.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;

Willow Heart Willow
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PostSubject: Re: Willow Heart   Willow Heart I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 2:30 am

Accepted! Welcome to Aeternus!

Willow Heart Aetern11
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PostSubject: Re: Willow Heart   Willow Heart I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 10:57 pm

Oooooooooo......a new vampire not played by me! I love it!

I am what dreams and nightmares are made of.  I can offer pleasure or pain, your choice.
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PostSubject: Re: Willow Heart   Willow Heart I_icon_minitime

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Willow Heart
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