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Come join us in a land of fantasy. We are a medieval roleplaying site and offer
many species from elves to dragons, from vampires to demons. You can either join the main plot or you can
make your own way. We promise fun for
all. So will you join us?


Politics: Revera once unified, was ruled under a single king who
was picked for his just and prowess as a general. His son, and grandson
however, brought pain and suffering down on their subjects and caused a great
rebellion. The king was ousted, and a Regent was appointed until the new
Parliamentary government could be created. The Regent will be appointed the
first Prime Minister once the correct panel has come together.

Geography: The Republic itself can be found South-east of the
giant Imperium, though not sharing any borders with it. The Republic of Luxur's
cities all share a temperate to warm yearly weather. Its territory is composed
in great majority of grasslands and some woodlands, with a few hills here and
there. Luxur is at the center of the Republic, with Bavoine to the North, Yertz
to the South, Pax to the West and Leros to the East.

Yertz is an agricultural city, its farms producing great
quantities of food for the city itself and the rest of the Republic of Luxur. Along
with the city of Pax, it was assimilated peacefully into the Republic. A great
supporter of the Republic and the Senate, Yertz is greatly involved in

Leros was, before its inclusion in the Republic, a strong
military city-state. It was, however, defeated by the Republic's forces and its
soldiers were in turn included in the Senate's Army. Previously ruled by a
King, Leros desires the return of monarchy and its politicians often clash
against the more democratic oriented. Leros is situated among the few hills
found in the Republic's territory.

Society: The Republic is ruled by the Senate, a gathering of men
who decide on what path the Republic as a whole should take. It is the Senate
that nominates the three Consuls who act as the leaders of its armies, along
with other officials in charge of the different aspects of Republican life. The
Senate, while democratic in theory, is usually the place for the rich and
powerful to make their dealings, with corruption being very common and an
integral part of political life. The Senate is divided among two groups; the
Republicans who would see the ideals of the Republic stand, and the Royalists,
who would prefer the Republic to be transformed into a Kingdom. The Royalists
are greatly inferior in numbers, with the almost totality originating from the
city of Leros.

The Cremea Woodlands

The Ancore Imperium

Economy: The Ancore Imperium as a whole possess a strong and
varied economy with trading between the provinces and with other neighbour countries.
What natural resources the Imperium does not have, it imports and transforms
the resource in goods to export, for greater profit. The Empire's income is
controlled by the administration, which uses said income to maintain the army,
technological research, maintaining of the road networks, construction and
other areas required for the Imperium to function properly. The Lord-Emperor
nonethless has the final say in the Imperium's spending policy, as in all

Factions: Imperial Administration; the administration is there to
oversee the economical well being of the Imperium. Its leader is the Prime
Administrator, and is part of the Imperial Council who make their reports to
the Lord-Emperor. Like all citizens of the Imperium however, loyalty to the
Lord-Emperor is demanded and the Administrator's authority is only as long as
the Lord-Emperor wishes. The Administrator has no power over the other factions
of the Imperium.

Imperial Army: The soldiers of the Imperium, they are ready to
die for their Lord-Emperor. Highly disciplined, trained and equipped, the
Imperial Army is a fine one. It is divided in legions and possesses one High
General, who seats at the Council. In grand campaigns, however, the Army is led
by the Lord-Emperor himself.

Imperial Voices: They are the emissaries of the Imperium in
foreign countries. They are also responsible for propaganda within the
Imperium. Their leader is the First Voice and seats at the Council.

Imperial Crows: Highly secretive, they are the instigators of
civil wars and conflict in foreign countries, sent out to prepare the way for
the Lord-Emperor's conquests. It is not rare for the Crows to be deployed years
in advance. Their existence is unknown even to the citizens of the Imperium.

Communications and transportations: The Ancore Imperium posesses
a vast network of paved roads and highways, patrolled by the Imperial Judicar.
Carriages and horses are the primary means of transportation, though walking
for short distances is not unheard of. Communications are made through the use
of bird messengers or, for those with the money and power, mind mages. The
Imperium possesses a great network of such mages directly under the command of
the Lord-Emperor, and are used primarly to coordinate military campaigns.

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To do a link back you must press the little link icon at the top of the page.....Under the subject box at the end of the first line.
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