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PostSubject: Magic   Magic I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 8:26 pm

Magic is present in Aeternus, yet it is much more dangerous than some would believe. The citizens of Aeternus have a different connection to magic, some with a very weak connection that they most likely will never use (most people of Aeternus). Others will have a stronger connection and are able to make use of the magical energies, up to a point. Magic is a fickle thing, prone to sudden spikes of power and lows, highly chaotic and next to impossible to control. As such, the stronger a spell is, the harder it is to control the magic. A high willpower is required to remain in control of the wild energies, or risk losing control of the spell to devastating effects, sometimes resulting death. To cast powerful spells, one also requires a great connection to magic.

Schools of Magic

Magic was divided in different schools to allow a greater specialization by mages who possessed a natural aptitude for a certain area of magic.

Mind Magic: The ability to influence and control the mind. Basic spells include telepathy, while the most powerful spells can lead to the utter domination of another being, and the ability to completely annihilate or destroy the mind. Losing control on such level can lead the mage to not only destroy his own mind and leave a mindless husk behind, but also drive people in the area insane.

Elemental Magic: The power to control the elements of fire, water, ice, air, lightning and earth. The greater the effect sought, the more a mage must fight against the wild magic. To fail when wielding such magic can lead to disastrous effects, such as wild fire, lightning storm and localized earthquake.

Death Magic: Animating the dead is not as difficult as some would believe, yet bringing another being to life is something else entirely. The latter requires far more power than the first, and is rarely succeeded. Usually, such attemps lead to the death of the mage foolish or desperate enough to try. Death Magic can also be used to kill another, though like elemental magic, failure can easily lead to death of the mage.

Life Magic: The ability to heal body and mind. Great feats of healing require great magic, and it is easy for such a mage to pour their life into their patient, ending their own life, or killing them both should he or she lose control of a great quantity of magic.

Kinetic Magic: The power to move objects from afar and unleash raw kinetic energy, it functions much like elemental magic, with equally disastrous results should the mage lose control.

Illusion Magic: The ability to create illusions and make one invisible. While invisibility does not demand much magic, the creation of complex illusions does. Losing control of such magic can obliterate one's perception and make them believe that their own illusions are real.

Blood can be used by mages to fuel the power of their spells, yet it does not help in keeping the mage in control. Blood from another mage is more potent than the blood of a commoner, for example.

Magic can also be infused within an object, creating a magical relic with stored and stable magic with usually a single purpose in mind. It is the process of enchanting an object, and most mages can perform such a process if they have the correct skill in their branch of magic.

Magic also leaves behind a residue when mighty spells are used or when multiple magic users make common use of magic, for example in a mage's school. Such residue are heavy concentrations of magic, and can be harmful to certain species.
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