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WELCOME TO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (a sci-fi roleplay) Possible2b


 WELCOME TO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (a sci-fi roleplay)

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WELCOME TO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (a sci-fi roleplay) Empty
PostSubject: WELCOME TO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (a sci-fi roleplay)   WELCOME TO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (a sci-fi roleplay) I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 23, 2011 11:14 am

WELCOME TO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (a sci-fi roleplay) Add
welcome to our solar system.
    Welcome to our solar system. The year is 4827. Currently, all of the planets are habitable: Earth and its capital, Crystal Tokyo, have remained a meshpot of cultures throughout - but the other planets have developed their own unique civilizations, mannerisms, and supernatural gifts. The Venusians are a sensual people that can easily bewitch the eye with their immeasurable beauty; the Jovians are fierce warriors with unrivaled skill in all of the fighting arts; the laid-back, careless Uranians can control the weather to a certain extent; the Martians are a temperamental people that can see into the future.

    Peace has reigned supreme within the galaxy for thousands of years - but things are never what they seem to be. A thousand years ago, over three fourths of the Saturnian population was wiped out due to a virus. Their only cure proved to be more of a curse than a remedy to the situation - they have become blood-drinking immortals, destined to die on their 500th birthday.

    And it's not only Saturn. The commoners of the planets are beginning to question the monarchies, who all have their own sets of problems. Venus and Mars are on the brink of war because of an affair between the Venusian queen and a Martian lord; Jupiter, the warrior nation, is torn and cannot decide who it should support. Not far away from them, The Lunarian Colony is vying for control over the Earth. On the more distant, gypsy-like planet of Pluto, the king's sisters want to behead their brother so as to successfully steal the crown. And as if the royal drama wasn't enough, there are also sky pirates running amok, creating havoc and having their own wars, testing the limits of the monarchies.

    What part will you play in the politics of this world? Will you fight for Venus or for Mars - or will you remain neutral? Will you stand up against the monarchies of old and be an assassin or a sky pirate? Or will you join the brother monarchs of Saturn in order to gain control over the rest of the universe? The choice is yours.

dreaming of a wasteland
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WELCOME TO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (a sci-fi roleplay)
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