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PostSubject: Damian   Damian I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2011 6:59 pm

``Name;; Damian
``Nicknames;; Damian
``Age;; 16
``Gender;; Male
``Species;; Human Vampire
``Magic? (Y/N);; No
``Home Country;; Luxur
``Sexual Orientation;; Straight


``What does the Character look like?;;

Straight black hair with an olive skin, Damian is strikingly handsome with midnight blue eyes. He tries to avoid smiling, as his very white teeth are set with sharp fangs. His clothing is worn and dirty as he does not have the luxury of possessing numerous articles of clothing. He is slim and tall while also being muscular, but like an acrobat would be.


``Likes;; His new self. Pretty women, he can't resist them. Blood, it is his new drug. Climbing.

``Dislikes;; Remembering the past. Being weak. Being so confused about his new self. Losing control as often as he do.

``Strengths;; Vampiric abilities, naturally agile and quick, able to easily climb and sneak. He has great potential and is extremely lucky at gambling. He is also talented at lying and acting.

``Weaknessess;; Vampiric weaknesses, his knowledge of fighting comes only from the quick, dirty fighting of the street. He knows next to nothing about his new nature. Can easily lose control to his bloodlust, his feedings have always been fatal up to now. He gets distracted extremely easily by any women with nice curves, like most males his age.

``Fears;; Losing his twin sister forever, becoming nothing more than an animal due to the blood thirst.

``Secrets;; His past and what he had to do for his Mistress.

``Personality;; A survivalist, Damian does not lie to himself about it: He will do everything to survive. Lie, cheat, betray, his loyalty is to himself. With his twin and "mistress" gone, he finds himself with only his conscience to answer to, without necessarily having been taught moral values. He knows only the law of the street, yet even that is slowly fading under the constant thirst that plagues him since being "rescued". It has made him more violent, wilder and more prone to surrender to the bloodlust. He has yet to feed without killing whoever he is feeding from, and the guilt never leaves him, yet he carries on. His new nature also made him more confident, where his life on the street kept him afraid, always aware of his own unimportance and how his life belonged to another. His rebirth, however, has showed him his strength. With his self-confidence came a cocky attitude, a sharp sarcastic tongue and an ability to lie even better than before. However, he still remembers waking to the flames after his rebirth, a reminder that he is not invincible. He does not like remembering his past, before his new "life", except when thinking of his lost twin. He misses her and is sure she is still alive, somewhere. Yet at the same time, he is also afraid she left him on his own on her own free will, for reasons unknown to him. He still listens for word of her, anything, to tell him where she now is.


What is known about Damian is that he was a young thief from one of the street clans of Luxur. He has a twin, but lost contact with her one day; she was simply gone upon waking and none knew where she went, or why she left her brother behind. From there on he had to look after himself, at the age of five, and joined the Bats clan. As he grew up, the leader of the clan, a vampiress, took a liking to the young boy and made him her favourite along with her plaything. What happened when the vampiress took Damian to her rooms is unknown, and Damian himself does not wish to speak of it. One day, while out ambushing passer-bys with other clanmates for their gold, one of the would-be victims fought back and, in the fight that ensued, Damian was mortally wounded. He was brought back to the vampiress who, unwilling to see her plaything die, transformed him into a vampire. Only, at the same time, a rival clan set fire to the Bats' headquarters. Damian woke up to the flames devouring the building, alone, and fled. Most Bats died in the fire and he never saw the vampiress, his "mistress", again.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;
HI I'M HYPER. Also, I'm aware this is short, but I am kind of rusty >.>

Damian I'll have to beg Xal for one 8D
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PostSubject: Re: Damian   Damian I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 07, 2011 1:07 am

Accepted finally!
time to get some games going!
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