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The only thing that most people can agree on anymore is that the world is getting more complicated.

Homo sapiens are no longer the uncontested dominant species. Strains of mutation are more common than ever, more people are discovering that they have abilities that were once beyond the scope of human imagination. Still others have been changed by accident or science.

Some choose to hide their abilities. Some choose to fight. There are those who only want to destroy humanity, and those who try to stop them. There are threats from beyond the world, more powerful than anything the Earth has yet produced.

Two teams are beginning to come together--separately, aware of each other, the Xavier Institute created as a haven for those with nowhere else to go, and the Avengers, assembled by an extra-government organization that understands that there may be larger threats than prejudice.

There's no going back anymore, no turning back the evolutionary clock. The only way through is to keep going Ever Higher.


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