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PostSubject: Reflections   Reflections I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2013 10:02 am

Catherine sits on the couch in her study.  Her eyes look out the large window as she thinks of a night long since lost.  It was a beautiful moonlit night long ago.  Catherine was a young woman of 21 with the world ahead of her.  So innocent and pure.  The fates however had a different plan for the lass.  They came and turned her life upside down.

Cath was so far from where she thought her lie would be.  Of course that was almost 600 years ago. Now she knew the way of this world.  She had lived through so much of it.  Seen so much destroyed by the people in it.

Sighing she closes her eyes and smiles.  If she had the chance she wouldn't change a thing.  She is the person she is because of what happened to her.  Did she have regrets? Of course she did.  You do not live as long as she has without regrets.  The biggest of them all were her children.  Not that she regretted her children but that she regretted what life had done to them.

Az lost to her at the hands of a cruel man.  Could he really be called a man?  Was he not a demon, an evil vial creature?  Whatever he was or is, Catherine could still could not understand why he had Az killed.  She would always be sorry for the loss of her son.  He was a kind and gentle soul despite who is parents were.  Cath smiles softly.  It as if Az got the best of both her and Nym.  Opening her eyes she looks out the window again as the drow's name plays in her mind.  At a time she truly thought he cared for her.  She now knows that she was a means to an end for him.  (WIP)

I am what dreams and nightmares are made of.  I can offer pleasure or pain, your choice.
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