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 Tai Nagasaki

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PostSubject: Tai Nagasaki   Tai Nagasaki I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2011 10:27 pm

Geography: Tai Nagasaki can be found on a great island within the Easteroise Sea. The island itself is roughly the size of the Cremea Woodlands, and its many cities are highly urbanized. However, there are still forests on the island and even mountains.

Economy: Tai Nagasaki is a very rich merchant state, known especially for its silk worms, spices, tea, porcelain, ivory, rare dyes, precious stones and poisons. Nagasakian merchants are known for their skills in trade, and few can boast of ever winning some haggle with one.

Society: Nagasakians are divided into rigid castes; Servant, Commoner, Warrior, Merchant, Priest, Noble. The Priest and Noble caste are often vying for power, using the other castes as tools to further their ambitions. If one is born in a caste, he or she may not marry above or below his or her station, according to ancestral rules still respected. Commoners may, if especially worthy, rise into the warrior or merchant caste, though rarely in the priest caste and never in the noble caste. While trade is greatly important for Nagasakians, it is ruled over by the noble caste, as most aspects of Tai Nagasaki.

Tai Nagasaki is ruled over by one noble House, referred to as the Royal House, and its leader bears the title of High Prince, with the male members of the family bearing the title of Prince. The ruling House is most often the richest or most influential, and typically has the support of the Holy Priesthood. The next five great Houses are known as the Pentarchy, usually rule with the Royal House, but more often than not are actually there to plot its fall and take its place. Poisoning and betrayals are as common as water in the seas.

The priest caste, known as the Holy Priesthood, worship nine major gods, each representing an aspect of Nagasakian life. Their ruler, the god Fuji, is the god of seas and storms. Yin is the goddess of love, lust and pleasure. Yu Di is the god of war and favours warriors, while his brother Shan Xi, is the god of death, lies and deceit. Yeng is the god of coin and wealth. Lia is the goddess of family and duty. Via is the goddess of knowledge. Qin is the goddess of magic. Finally, Yi Ala is the goddess of nature and wild beasts. The Nagasakians have named constellations in the night sky according to their gods and often use them for certain rituals.
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Tai Nagasaki
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