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 OceanWide: A Mermaid Roleplay

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PostSubject: OceanWide: A Mermaid Roleplay   OceanWide: A Mermaid Roleplay I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 19, 2011 4:44 am

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Centuries ago in the waters that surround Knockdolian Castle in Strathclyde, Scotland, there used to come a group of friends after the sun sunk below the sea and the air was filled with darkness. The three friends loved to climb upon a rock near the shore and fill the starlit night with song. The Lady of Knockdolian had a wee bairn. The three's singing wakened the bairn, and preferring her baby to sleep soundly through the night, the Lady attempted to put an end to the girl's visits to the waters along the shore. Tired and irritable from many a sleepless night the Lady of Knockdolian finally had an idea she was sure would work. She called upon the child's father and bade him to wade out into the sea and strike the stone to bits. That night the rode in from the seashore to find her favorite perch gone. The women grew very distraught and thrashed about angrily in the sea. They threw pieces of their sanctuary into the ocean, screaming and taunting.

The Lady of Knockdolian and her bairn slept well that night. But a few nights later the Lady entered the nursery to find the cradle overturned and the babe dead beneath it.
Never again did the Lady's womb quicken and the family died out. The father of the child came about and to hear of the bairn's death angered him so. To whom the father be was no other than Triton himself. Furious, Triton placed the Deame curse on the three. To bring back the line they had stolen Triton transformed the three into the very same creature they had deprived of life. Soon the three realized what had become of them. With a touch of water they became half fish. They searched the seas for an answer only to come across no such luck. They walked upon land and had the same fate. They lived a life of mortality and bore children of their own and to discover that their descendants bore the same mark, the same curse. The families kept their secrets safe. After searching for so long their mind changed to the idea of who they had become.

One of the three decided to make this a gift instead of a curse. Her descendants are known as the Oceandia. The second of the three chose a different loop than the other. She kept her hatred towards the curse and everything about it. Her descendants are known as the Caeruleus. The third friend was more sympathetic to the others and refused to chose sides. Her and her children are called the Keya. The Oceandia and the Caeruleus began to turn against one another. Battled were held over differences. While in land they held the World War underwater they spun one of their own. The friendship that was once so strong was only a distant memory. Soon the fighting stopped. The three groups became more civilized. Friendships are starting to form between them. Most descendants went off and married into the human race. Some married into one of the three families. Though the wars were ended the hate did not. there are still a few members of the Caeruleus clan that still held to the ideas of their ancestry. These are the ones to look out for. They seek into the seas in search for the cure, stopping anyone who is against their beliefs. What will happen to the three clans is a mystery that will soon unfold as the two solstices pass through the year; when the call of the Deame curse leads them to the Knockdolian Castle. The call cannot be washed away from the mind. When it speaks you must answer.
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OceanWide: A Mermaid Roleplay
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